Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things to ponder

I have only been on campus for a couple of days now and here are some things I have pondered:

1. Walking rules should be the same as driving--No texting while walking, no headphones while crossing the street, etc

2. Girls should NEVER wear shorts that are so short their butt cheeks hang out- I don't like to see it at the pool, I certainly want to see it in public! That means their butt cheek sits directly on the seat! GROSS!

3. Why do people still make eye motions while they're talking even though they're wearing dark sunglasses?--you know you've done it...

4.There should be some sort of rule about how many times its appropriate to say thank you to someone holding open a door for you. I mean really after about the 2nd or 3rd door in a row, I start to feel funny.

5. Why do smoke detector batteries seem to ALWAYS die in the middle of the night? I think its the battery gods way of getting even with us for not recycling them. Rude.

6. Is it wrong to consider tater tots their own food group?

7. Is it wrong to consider it today (even though its after midnight) just because you haven't gone to sleep?

8. Is it bad that when I have Reese's pieces I have to eat them all. I CANNOT have just a few. I think thats a problem. I have recently found that I have the same issue with candy corn. Uh oh.

9. Why do college kids like to ride in the shopping carts at Wal-Mart? I don't like to have the criss-cross pattern on my butt. I also don't really enjoy the struggle of climbing in and out of it whilst not sending the cart flying and face planting. But, I guess the upside is that the roommate has to do the "heavy-lifting" and push the cart. Maybe they're onto something. ...But then I'd need a roommate.

10. Why do people generally keep to themselves on buses? I mean, think about it-- when was the last time you carried on a full conversation with a complete stranger on a bus? Sure, you're polite but thats about where it usually ends. People are VERY quiet here. Most of them have their headphones in and stare at their feet.  And after my ride to school last week I don't blame them. I was on my way to school and the bus got really crowded. I was sitting on the side seats facing the center of the bus when people started shuffling in and the seats filled up. So, there, right at eye level, was a guys crotch... Now I know why people stare at their feet. ; )

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  1. I am totally with you on #2. So nasty! And I'm pretty sure Ryan agrees with #3. He doesn't like not seeing facial expressesions when he's talking to someone, and the eyes convey a lot. :)