Thursday, September 1, 2011

Highlight of My Day

So I have started an Instute class. Basically is an hour each Tuesday and Thursday where I get to study the scriptures with other people my age.

In preparation for class today I was reading John 1-3 and I had pretty much the best thing happen to me--An answer to a deep philosophical question!

For those of you who don't know me well, I am NOT a deep thinker : ) I find that a sense of humor is a great thing to have in life both as a weapon as well as a shield. I have often wondered if our Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. I mean really, it is important in my life, ( and sometimes I look at my life and wonder how He couldn't!) but its a valid thought.

So if you turn to John 1: 9 of the King James Version of the Bible you will have a chuckle. So this chapter talks about when Jesus turned water into wine--A very cool miracle to be sure. To sum it up, verse 9 says that the ruler of the feast didn't know it didn't start out as wine but that servants knew what was up. How it is written is phenomenal. It says, "The ruler...knew not whence it was...but the servants which drew the water knew ;) ..." Okay, did you see it?! Right there at the end! A WINKY FACE!!! He TOTALLY  has a sense of humor! gets better...

Once I realized how cool this was I thought, "Oh! I'll take a picture and show everyone!" I got out my cell phone and my blasted little baby camera wouldn't focus on the text. Bummer. So I grabbed my camera which has a text setting. This has got to work! I thought. It wouldn't focus either. AAAh! Maybe this is a sign...I'm supposed to keep this enlightenment quiet...Yeah right! Its just too awesome not to share. : )

Highlight of my day.

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