Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of School!

Okay, okay, I realize I may be a bit too old for the 1st day of school pictures...but its tradition! I did not however eat blueberry muffins due to poor planning-that may have to be rectified here shortly...

For my Mom to add to the rest of my pictures...

Today, I successfully managed to catch the bus and make it to school - (+1 for Brynne). I got off the bus and trapsed down the hill to my class which was actually just down the road from where I had gotten off the bus--not down the hill - (+1 for WSU). Once I found my class I had some time to kill so I thought I'd sit outside and enjoy the weather. I placed myself under a tree so I wouldn't be in direct sunlight-us west-siders aren't too familiar with the sunshine... After a while I looked down and this little guy was on my knee! Now most you of would think that this would be a (+1 for Brynne) but I absolutely despise ladybugs and the fact that this little guy had the nerve to land on my leg, Hrmph! I suppose it is a (+1 for Brynne) because I managed to contain my distaste long enough to snap a picture before I forcefully flicked him away. :)

A few more minutes go by, bug free and I'm feeling pretty good about my start to my day. And then it happens. Pretty much the funniest thing that could happen to me...a class comes outside to get started on one of their projects--identifying bugs from our area. They came out armed with butterfly nets whacking bushes and stirring up all of those critters! I am just glad that I don't have to take that class.

About 30 seconds passed and I had some sort of creature land on my head. I was out of there!

Once I got to my class I realized that I knew the girl sitting in the front row. It took me a few minutes because, aside from the few people I've met at Institute, I don't expect to know anyone on campus. It was a girl who went to Mount Vernon High School, she was FFA President at some point and I knew her! Small world! I managed to catch up to her and we caught up-it was fun!

My 1 class that meets was fabulous! And my other 3 online classes are looking like they are going to be great as well!  I am very excited for this semester and the next two years!

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  1. I love your first day of school picture! You are a cutie!