Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School...Back to School...

Okay, its that time again! I'm going back to school!!!

Next Monday, I will be starting my Masters in Agriculture! Woohoo! It has been a little bit of a struggle getting here. I made it and I'm ready to go!

This last weekend my mom, Megan, Amy and I brought over the last of my belongings to my apartment. It took a wee bit longer than usual with two tiny bladders and a trailer full of stuff but it was a blast. They spent  part of Saturday/Sunday/Monday with their mom and we went back over the Mountains. We got up early on Saturday and left for Pullman. Here are a couple of conversations that could have been heard:

Me: Megan, can you spell Ryan?
Megan: R-Y-A-N
Me: Great! now, Brynne
Megan: B-R-Y-N-N-E
Me: Okay, no Grandma
Megan: Ummm...
Grandma: Its C-O-O-L.
Me: Do you know what that spells?
Megan: COW!

Amy had been  having a tough time and had the sup-sups.

Amy: Sup, Sup
Caitlin: Shh, shh, it's okay
Amy: Sup, Sup
Caitlin: Shh, shh, try to take a deep breath
Amy: Sup, SNORT!

Today, I set out to find the Statistics Department and try to get a slot in one of their courses for Fall. I realized a few things today:

1. I am convinced that there is NO public parking on campus (though, I hear there is I just can't find it)
2. I should always take water and food rations with me where ever I go on campus incase I get lost
3. The building names are not clear and they aren't on the buildings themselves but on banners near the road so you can see them as you go by, looking for parking
4. It is possible to walk in to an area of any building that is a dead end-who knew?
5. You must respect the lunch breaks of those you need assistance--they value their lunch breaks
6. You can drive in a circle in Pullman...thats handy as I will probably get lost frequently for a while
7. Lentils are as important to Pullmanites as tulips are to Skagitonians
8. Lentil Chili is delish, I'd better get to the Lentil Fest Early!--Per the Pharmacist

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